Foot reflexology

By “coincidence” I came into contact with foot reflexology. I started taking the relaxation reflexology course followed by foot reflexology course the next 2 years. After these 3 years I obtained my diploma as a foot reflexologist at the NVBR – National Association of Belgian Reflexologists
Foot reflexology is one of many alternative healing that approaches people holistically. It starts from the philosophy that the whole body returns into the feed. By massaging pressure points, linking and stimulating different zones on the foot, creates a better blood circulation. This results in a better energy flow, so that energetic blockages can be dissolved. It is a blessing for body & mind and has a very positive effect.
Foot reflexology is suitable for all ages, helps with many health problems such as
– Neck & back complaints
– Headaches
– Stomach & intestinal complaints
– Pregnancy ailments
– Fertility problems
– Menstrual complaints
– Migraine
– Edema
– …
Also psychological imbalance (like stress, burnout, …) can be treated this way.

Even without these problems, a foot reflexology session is very relaxing and highly recommended for all of us.

gsm: +32498/84.40.88

Foot reflexology session 60 to 75 min: €55
5-session card for foot reflexology: €250