Energetic house cleaning

You may asking yourself why you should energetically purify or clean your home. As human beings, we are currently undergoing a real transition, for some conscious, for others unconscious. In other words, humans are becoming more sensitive and we are picking up energies or vibrations that we did not notice or feel before. An example, which will seem familiar to many, is when you come to a place where you don’t feel well or at ease. Your hair straightens, you get chills or “inexplicable” things happen.

This can have several causes. It can be an entity, this is the energy of a deceased person who didn’t make his way to the source and needs some help to find this. The appearance of entities can vary from peaceful to restless and even aggressive & manipulative.

Furthermore, there are residual energies that have lingered in a certain place, this can be historical, eg places where battles took place. Even after an argument, energies or vibrations remain, many people aren’t aware of this.

Another point to mention is the presence of natural energies such as water veins and leylines, to which you can respond as a human being.

These things can cause all kinds of symptoms; insomnia, illness, an unpleasant feeling,… By having your house cleaned, these energies and vibrations disappear which result in dissolving your symptoms. It’s always advisable for both new construction and an existing house. In this way you can make a fresh start and adding your vibration to the place.

Specifically, during the cleaning, we perform a ritual that makes the vibrations disappear and also I teach you the tools to maintain this yourself in the future. This is a great collaboration between client and myself.

Costs: The base price is 125 euros. If we live more than 25km apart, I ask a small fee so that my travel costs are covered.