Energetic Crystal therapy

What’s the purpose of this therapy?

The most important factor in the succes of the therapy is that you have to fully support your choice to go for it. It’s a great collaboration between you as client and myself as a therapist.

Most illnesses and ailments are a result of energetic blockages. It’s a priority to resolve these, so that you energetic system will perform optimally again and that your body will regenerate, for which it was originally designed. We se more and more that this is being undermined.

Blockages such as fibromyalgia points disrupt your energetic system, as well as blockages in your aura, chakra’s, karmic pieces,…

It’s important to take care of these first before we can work on rebuilding your energetic body. Because your energy can flow again, your ailments will gradually disappear and other therapies will have more influence ( if this is necessary), being able to act more deeply and give better results.

What does the course of the therapy look like?

We plan 5 sessions over a period of 1,5 to 2 weeks. We do the first 3 sessions in week 1. Then we work through the remaining sessions in week 2. During these 5 sessions you will receive a crystal pendant on loan for support.

Each session takes 1,5 to 2 hours. You take place in a relax chair in which you can sit or lie. It’s what you prefer. Do you want someone to support you, bring along, no problem!

During the session, a large crystal bar is used, that contains about 50 different crystal grains. Depending on what work is being done, the crystal bar is placed on the sternum or solar plexus. You can view the bar as a programming tool. You take out the bad program and put back the good one as nature intended.

At session 5 we replace the crystal pendant with a Lemurian ritual. In this transition we create an energetic bubble around you so that most disturbing and low vibrating energies would stay away. Only what you allow, can possibly get through.

You also continue to work after the 5 treatment sessions on the points that are difficult and need support. Thoughts are forces. So the more you think about it in positive way, the faster you recovery will take place.

After 4 weeks we meet again for a follow-up session. You will be fully measured and the difficult points will be adjusted where it’s necessary.

The full package includes:

  • 5 treatment sessions (5x 1,5-2h)
  • A support program that supports your recovery
  • 1 Follow-up session after 4 weeks
  • If you still have a question afterwards, please call and/or email me.
  • Cost of the therapy: 5 treatment sessions and the follow up at 75 euro/hour.

If you have any questions regarding this information or if you want a personal introduction, we can meet in a free intake session.

The smaller versions of the treatment bar are also available in a hand stick version. These are made of high-quality stainless steel and filled with the same composition. This can provide support and protection for you. These support you therapeutically, go perfectly with medical care, but do not replace it.