Empty your backpack

Our energetic backpack. Everyone has hard about this. Many of us keep walking with this extra luggage without realizing that there can be done something. It keeps being loaded and loaded to the point we can carry it anymore.

Over the years I have come to understand what this “backpack” is all about. It is an energetic load that we imprint or even that we are born with. This whole is part of our soul path. We are getting confront with this matter to learn from. If we do not learn our lessons, it will be stored in our backpack. When this is over filled, we no longer see the trees through the forest. As a result, most people get physical and/or mental complaints that 9/10 have an energetic origin.

Thanks to the crystal therapy, we have a tool available to unload this backpack. In recent years I have focused on fine-tuning and improving this therapy which is still growing everyday to what the therapy is today. We may discharge this energetic load so we can work it out of our physical body.

What does this mean in practical terms. We will unload the backpack together in 1 or 2 sessions. You can see it as your energetical reset so you can function and make experiences like you suppose to. Your energetic body will run in the right mode and this translate in processing out your issues in the physical body.

Also is a distance healing possible.

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