About us

We are Leen and Hakan. We have been a couple since 2003. Over the years we ‘ve grown in the energetic world. So we like to introduce ourselves.

“Hello, my name is Leen. In recent years, more specifically since I became a mother, my interest in alternative medicine has grown enormously. In addition to my work as pediatric nurse, I’m committed to helping people on their path in a holistic way. I’m a foor reflexologist and I made tailored Bach flower mixes. Are you interested in this kind of healing, you ‘re free to discover more information on our website. Kind regards Leen”

“Hello, my name is Hakan. As with many others, my energetic self was active in my childhood. As a teenager, this nature went to the background. When I was 24, an emotionally difficult event occurred. This projected my soul path back into the foreground. In search for myself, I toke an interesting way and had the privilege to get to know many people. In this journey I came in contact with the energetic crystal therapy, which helped me get rid of my complaints as a back patient and a lot of other issues. I felt immediately a natural connection with this kind of treatment. I started to help others after my learning process with my German mentor and give it my own twist. More information of this special form of crystal therapy can be found on our website. Kind blessings Hakan”